Inktober 18Another SWTOR steampunk customization! This time it’s Torian and Jixx’s turn, suggested by notamaincharacter. No need to say I was more than happy to do this!

Inktober 18
Another SWTOR steampunk customization! This time it’s Torian and Jixx’s turn, suggested by notamaincharacter. No need to say I was more than happy to do this!

totalstarwarsnerd replied to your photoset“Okay I think I have literally A TON of KotOR doodles waiting in my…”
I love these so much. I’m currently playing the game as well :3
Thank you! I honestly didn’t think anyone would be interested by my kotor doodled ramblings! If you like them, stay around because as I started I might make some of the whole game if I don’t calm down (and so it’s going to take me forever to finish it).

poly-morph asked:

Your twi'lek o/

Let’s go for Talee’th! o/ (I did almost all the questions, sorry long post)

1 - A nice, bright blue

2 - Early 20s at the beginning of her main story.

3 - she has tiny freckles on her cheeks and nose, which is probably not a very usual detail for twi’leks (not that I know of anyway).  Her sister Kalya and her share the exact same facial and lekku tatoos. I imagine they got them together when they were reunited after many, many years appart.

4 - Despite the jedi rule of “no attachment and no emotions” she’s very emotional, has trouble controling her feelings and gets really ferocious if someone close to her is in danger. And for a jedi, that’s not good. At all.

5 - No idea! I really should work on my characters’ past. All I know is she was raised with her little sister by their mom only, but was taken away to be trained by the jedis around the age of 8. I’m not sure if they knew their father.

6 - Huh this is kind of a joke with my swtor guildies but… I really love the idea that she has a major crush on Revan, a legendary jedi hero, when she helps him escape the prison he was held in for centuries.
While her jedi training at the academy she was facinated by his story and every bit of mysterious rumors around him. And so obviously she’s very impressed to meet him in person and develops a silly teenager crush on him. But she also feels honestly close to him because of their respective personnalities and similar fates and relation to the dark side. She sees him like an exemple and the fact he escaped the Emperor’s influence helps her a lot when she has to recover from a similar experience. And oh boy she was SO wrong xD (I kind of want to make a short comic about her mixed feelings about the recent story developpement. Because, maybe this started as a joke but it kind of makes sense too? And I find the idea interesting).

7 - I knew at the second I heard about the game I wanted to play a jedi knight, like many many people I guess. Then in front the character creation screen I found the twi’lek girls super cute, and I just fell in love with the curvy silhouette you could choose. For her temper, I only knew I wanted a positive and determined character, the rest came up while playing and endless chats with my boyfriend about her.

8 - Huehuehuehue with Doc! And I still find it hilarious. The flirtatious, silly medic of her team. It took time to admit she was having feelings for the guy, even longer to do something about it, but seeing he never failed to stay by her side no matter the shit made her give up eventually. (though I admit I kind of ship her with Theron Shan a bit since the last chapters they added but shhhhh… u_u)

9 - Errrh dunno… a fluffy tauntaun? I want one as a mount!




And I’ll tell you:

1. The color of their eyes.
2. How old they are.
3. One strange thing/quirk/defining characteristic of their body or physical appearance.
4. One strange thing/quirk/defining characteristic of their personality