New and old research sketches about Khalenn’s scars. Because yes he gets the right side of his face blown up by a blast on Quesh. Thanks Baras! 
I wanted a real big reason why he wants to get revenge so bad on his master… and also a maybe reason why he would wear a respiratory mask most of the time (other than: “damn it looks good”).




I need a new pen to finish a commission. But I need commission money to buy a new pen. Eternal struggle of my artistic life.

stab a hobo and take his money it’s what a true sith would do

Nah. My sith wouldn’t do that. Too easy, no honoror fun in that. I must fight for this money! (and preferably not with a hobo)

Hello followers!
Guess how I waisted 2 hours of my day! \o/
I did a nice character page with pictures! From here you can access to every post about the character you want… Go take a look if you are curious about my SWTOR OCs!  What do you think?
The list will be completed with OCs from other stuff… if I’m not too lazy, of course.